Kustom Grit Superfine Abrasive Paste


Kustom Grit Superfine abrasive is rated at 50,000 Grit

170mls of Kustom Grit Superfine Abrasive

Kustom Grit Step 1

Kustom Grit Step 1: After sanding to desired grit
apply Kustom Grit Step 1 with paper towel or cloth to
the work piece.
Use a cloth or Buffing pad to work the product into the piece.
After buffing use a clean piece of paper towel or cloth to wipe
any excess Kustom Grit from the work piece before moving
onto Kustom Grit Step 2 as Step 2 is a finer grade grit.
(For best results sand to the highest grit before using
Kustom Grit. 2000 Grit will give a glass like finish.
Great results are achieved anywhere from 400 Grit.
Using a buffing pad will give the best finish.
Kustom Grit can be applied by hand)

Kustom Grit Can be used for Lathe work.
Recommend using Low RPM between
400 to 800

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Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 4 cm


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